Over Hills To Pastel Meadows

T'was once before the break of day when in the silence of a stored cache
there upon my memories ladder one ring above a thought came after
what was once so fine, so well placed, now lay defeated and disgraced
time alone tells tales that ail in winds on shores and tears of shale

they echo off the Cliffs of Dover to be a man now twice passed over

yet a purpose more than chains that bind can set a man to see once blind

so with the rising sun's new light I curse the day dreams fell from sight

A bench in time meant so much more than the clicking of a closing door

for what becomes of what is gone leaves a man no choice but to move on

there before a break of day eagles wake as children rise to play

when stars fade slowly to blue skies I will find them twinkling in her eyes

her penchant for all things that last now lay in wait in the aftermath

for my dear so well refined you have at last escaped my mind

and travel down this road of life should I be alone or with a wife

I shall think of her and often do in pastel shades of green and blue

I have come to bare the bitter calls of restless souls in nameless halls

always is my will to change the heart that gives its way to rage

the knaves that dance to and fro behind the glass of ebbs and flow

shall not defeat a day at hand, so long as I am my own man

I know not of the journey's worth or why it is that I was birthed

I have no will to go back in time for what is hers is not mine

I break my bread here today goodbye to winds of yesterday

I breathe free air and travel on one more dream to be bygone

with the calling of my own true heart I wish her well and then depart

the night falls down in blues and blacks

never meant for coming back

no, never meant for coming back



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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