Over and Around

Take my hand baby

You know you drive me crazy

Everything about you is so perfected it's amazing 

How do you feel right now

You have me sailing in the clouds 

I'm stuck so far up I can't come back down 

Everything seems to get to me 

Your smile and your symmetry 

I admire how you're the sweetest when it comes to your sympathy 

The way that you tease every time that you mimick me 

I embrace all your laughter 

It's not your body that I want 

It's your love that I'm after 

Time is a factor 

Our bond stays the same through any disaster 

What we have can't be changed 

I guess what they say is true 

Without you i'll never be the same 

You're so beautiful 

You're so lovely 

I remenisce on your bliss as the days go by. 



Ryan Anthony Loya




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