Mon, 12/04/2017 - 10:45 -- J2Phi

Even through my thick skin

When wits should fit, no quick send

Though I won’t miss your shit friends

That night, I met my wit’s end

Maybe my intent had its rest in

The tent I’ve pretended to pitch, in

The campgrounds of self confidence, and

My fruitful, yet spoiled attempts to win

A fight with myself, struggling solely internally

Cautious of you, becoming lonely eternally

Not because you couldn’t find someone to end your hurting, see

I was scared you’d never love again, eternally burden me

But now it seems you’ve tried to convince yourself you’re through

You texted me a paragraph, I quote ”IDGAF BOUT YOU”

The reality of it seems that your words are untrue

Because the reality of it is, my cutting things off really cut you

Straight up the jagged line, split your heart in two

At first I felt bad, at first I wanted to soothe

But you cheated on me, a sin you could’ve easily refused

But you didn’t. 

I really can’t say I’m upset

I’ve cashed in the upgrade

From you that I get

And she makes me feel like the money I spent

On you 

Should’ve stayed in my bank account, kept my balance in check

But my balance was off when you asked for my check

How could I have known when I hadn’t loved yet?

You spent up my money and then got upset

When I asked you to buy food

Attitude projects. 

Let’s wrap this up on my phone made for closure

Happens to be the same one that I told ya

We’re done and you cried and you begged for me back

But my new girl is better,

Fuck you and fuck that. 

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