An Outcast

An outcast

Is it possible to have a sense of not belonging (Iris)?

In a way I have felt like the outcast just because of the complexion of my skin.

And between me and the other world (DuBois)…there is always that thin line that will always separate me from them.

Many time I have been looked at as a guest in their town (Rico)…

That diversity has not yet been accepted and in the eyes of the majority I am nothing but a bug in their windshield.

Will skin color be more than skin color (Suri)? Do they not recognize the many strengths I hold because of the ‘color’ I was born in (Suri)? And if so, why can’t they stop looking at the ‘black’ and ‘white’?

They have made me felt like a flaw, like I didn’t belong anywhere (Jess)…because to them I am a nuisance, a ‘set back’, a complication.

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Our world


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