Out Of View

I was standing there alone
Nobody called my phone
You came into view
And I didn’t know what to do
My mind just blew
I was speechless when I saw you
You resembled a girl I knew
So I began to stare at you
My eyes examined your physique,
But that was no surprise
You were beautiful as the sunrise
I decided to tell you something nice
Even if I had to pay the price

Things were going just fine
And you were so kind
I really liked your perfume
It’s a pity you had to leave so soon
Someone came to pick you up at noon
You didn’t appreciate the ride,
But you couldn’t hide
Something didn’t seem right
You started to get uptight
Then the car drove out of sight
I felt concerned about you that night
Now that you’re out of view,
All I do is think about you.


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