Out of Darkness

Dawn gives way to Dusk

Light gives way to darkness

Fear of eternal Night breaks out

Afraid to speak

Afraid to look 

Afraid to love

Above all afriad to live

Let go of your fears my friend 

See the light in the darkness

Break free of your bonds

Let life move on

Never forget to Live

Life is a journey

Yours to take

If only you let your shackles break

Relinquish your fears

Remeber in the darkness 

There will always be a light

Someone to help you in the battles you fight

Spread your wings and take flight

Life is a Journey 

Choose your Path

No one knows where you will go

Getting to your destination is only half the fun

Don't rush to get there

If you do what you will miss is much more




All of this is part of the Journey

Part of your journey.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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