Out of All, I chose the Clown


They asked me to draw a symbol

One that represents me

So I drew a picture

Of someone funny.


The symbol I chose was a clown.

 I drew the big red nose.

Had fun with the fluffy green hair.

And beneath each eye, a couple of tears/a flow of tears


But still my clown smiled.

A smile wider than a mile.

My drawing was almost perfect.

An intriguing balance.


It was a two-dimensional drawing

But it depicted a balance of reality.

The reality based on my real smiles

And my real tears.


So let me be a clown.

I turn frowns upside down.

Everybody’s but my own.

My frown remains alone.


Sometimes I may succeed

But other times I don’t.

But just let me be.

I’ll smile, eventually.


All may scream and run

At the sight of a clown

But I smile and look on

Because with this character I could sympathize.


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