Our Rhyme

I am black
and you are white.
Yes my heart's still
full of spite.
I remember what you said,
but the devil won't leave my head.
You thought you cured me.
You thought you cured me.
You said you only hated sin,
but I remember when  I got you to defend.
At the time it wasn't fun,
but looking back it means I won.
You really love me.
Praise God you love me.
One has trust.
The other understands.
One day we'll revise our plans.
I know I'm not free of sin,
but I will no longer pretend
that I'm fine. We're fine.
We're running out of time.
Will you wait in line
and help me fix our rhyme?
Eisley said you're my shelter
while my head's always helter-skelter.
Listening to the torrential rains
I know that we'll fall again.
You are my sunshine.
You're my eternal sunshine.
Most teenage girls want their boyfriends dead.
I'm just trying to get into mine's head.
One day you'll offer to take my coat.
The next few you'll reach for the remote.
I'm burning Star Trek.
Stop yearning Star Trek.
Can you trust?
Can I understand?
One day we'll revive those plans.
Even though we're bound to sin,
I will never ever pretend
that I'm fine. We're fine.
We're running out of time.
Stop being so sublime
and help me fix our rhyme.
You make me happy.
You make me sad.
Don't make me regret
saying that I'm mostly glad.
I want you to be happy.
Don't want to see you sad,
but if you got mad,
for once I'd be glad.
I need to trust.
You need to understand.
Today we will revise those plans.
Together we'll lessen the sin, 
and then we won't have to pretend
that I'm fine. We're fine.
We have renewed our time.
We'll keep each other in line
and we'll recite this rhyme. 


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