Our New Song


I am a new song

I'm different and I don't care

People may like me

Or they may not

But either way I'm going to shine

Again and again I'll show myself

Until you press stop

My words are important-

If you want to understand my melody

I can change rhythm or tone and you may never know

I can be slow and steady

Or I can be fast and ready

No matter what, my lyrics are easy to remember

Even when I'm not around to remind you

Although I'm great, fresh and new

I couldn't be me if I didnt have you

You composed me and rewrote me

But now look at your work and tell me it's not great

I'm a beautiful song waiting for the right person to stop and listen

Just remember on ehting

If it wasn't for you, I would be out of tune

Or my words would go right over your head

But because of you I can amaze others

With this wonderful song of ours

So now just listen to the song you helped write

And just remember I am what I am because of you

And this will never change throughout the years

No matter what others think of our song

I'm different and ready to show the world

Our New Song!


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thats the beauty of music

be original and know what works for you as you clearly stated in your poem

thats the beauty of poetry

write freely without no one judging your character

keep wriitng

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