Our New Addiction

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 23:23 -- Romona


Does you no what you had do?

To most people

you is now an addiction.

You is now on people’s minds.

You is now in people’s hands.

You is growing every day,

but with what purpose?

Stopping tlking communication.

Now, texting r the new way,

but that do not hlp w/ school.

English r now shrtn’ wrds.

Soon it may jst disapr 2 nothing

& we will hv no communication

with the goods speling

goods gramar

bads editors w/ no dgree can take jobs

Books will bee destroyed

Hmwk WS’s will be not done by human minds

but Internet.



This generation’s curse.

This generation’s addiction.

One addiction of many.

Preventing from exciting new discoveries.

It may help a little,

but you are not only helpful.



You may be helping with advances,

but what about our everyday life goals?

You are definitely being overused.

Less participation,

less creativity,

less attention- wait what was I saying, oh- spans,

More addictions.



Do you know what you have done

to this generation, to the next generation,

to the next generation after that?

Where do you expect to go now?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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