Our Love Everlasting

I've loved you all my life.


For the luminous teeth

that reside in your mouth

and for the bloody tongue

that rests upon them.


We spend hours dreaming

of new worlds

full of splendor and life.

Universes without worry

for the two of us to share.


You listen to the

dark and damp words

that heave from the deepest

and cruelest depths of my being

without flinching

in disgust.


I want to lift you up

into a world of light

and beauty where you shine

even more brightly

than the heavenly beings

that reside there

who scare and intimidate

for you do not know

the intricacies

of your beauty.


I dream of the life

you carry upon your shoulders

and I wish desperately

to take hold of everything

that ties you down.

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