Our Light and Shining Armor in the Night

We wake with a heavy chest

From our yesterday's


Feeling disgusted and blue



When day breaks

For our sakes

We are forgiven and renewed.


Evil may take us by


Temptation may win

Even though we fight...


But the Light overcomes

All dark, evil nights.

With His lamp as our guide,

We march on joyfully

At all times.


He comes to His children

When they call Him.

He gives the power to overcome

The dark master by placing strength

Within us.


Cursed are those who don't follow

His lamp for they toss and turn

In their beds

With last year's regrets,

Sin, and agony

Heavy on their chest.

They can't find strength in their circumstance

Even when the sun comes up

And dark is told to no longer dance.


Blessed are those who follow

His glorious light.

Dark and evil spirits may dance at night,

But He will forever stand by

The side of His Bride

Making sure she is safe

Throughout the fight.


Again, blessed are those who follow

His word and fear Him deeply

For even when they fall into the dark

They lift their hands humbly in prayer

To the Healer on high

To forgive them of their trespasses

Whether if it was lust, murder, or a lie


Like a Father no man can be


He willingly forgives

Seven times seventy times His children

For stepping off His path

Into sin.

In gratitude, His children repent

Of their sin

Thus following His lamp again

On a glorious journey to live with Him

Forever in heaven.


So even though we wake with a heavy chest

From our yesterday's


Feeling disgusted and blue.



When day breaks and when we pray

For our sakes

We are forgiven and renewed.




Keep faith and God close, my love ones!


Such a blessing to know there's people who still write to bring God glory. Keep serving him with your talent. God bless :) 


Thanks!!! Serving God is truly awesome especially since it helps others along with myself. I hope everyone gets encouraged by the poems I write and seek God. God bless all and keep writing on my friends:)!!! 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

always have god in your heart

always have faith 

well said


Thanks friend!!! I checked out some of your poems and I liked them. Keep writing on my friend!!!


This is really beautiful! It's wonderful to see someone on here write such beautiful poetry about Our beautiful God! Thank you for keeping on writing! :D And thank you for your sweet comment on my poetry. It was very helpful to me. :)

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