Our Journey

Tomorrow we shall go-
leave before the dawn spreads out
and finds the shadows untouched
by light

and when we journey
by the countryside and fairway
we shall pick purple cherries
and wonder of the tree that gave,
crab apples in grasslands stomped
underfoot, and we will laugh at our
sticky-juiced feet,
then we'll pluck ears
of corn for only those able to Hear
(for by luck we may learn)

and when we journey past great

lakes and northern winds,
we will fall in marvel when
the cool wind smites our right
cheek we shall turn the other touched
with brilliance, to her perfume
of seaweed and fish-
we will be the proud fishermen,
galiot sailing the Mediterranean
and walking upon collapsing waves

-and then we shall understand

what the five thousand ate
in confusion,

and when the aft of day
reaches us we will lie
in the white milk of each one's
arms and stare at the starry sky,
we will understand what is
truth when the thunder and
nimbostratus falls down
upon us saying,
this is my beloved Son
in whom I am well pleased,
hear ye him.

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