Our Journey

Wind chimes chanting cheery cheers.
The smell of scrumptious sizzling sausage fills the air.
Morning send offs bright and early.
Now it’s just me and you for the day’s journey.
Although your life came crumbling, tumbling, fumbling down
you were born from the ashes just like a phoenix.
This is when you became my hero.
This is when you needed me the most.
This is when you were all alone.
And I was there to console.
This is when it was just me and you coping with life’s unrelenting journey.
Things are so different now, but all the same.
In your old age.
Your sickly days.
You are my motivation.
You are my inspiration.
Time is a thief.
But those summer days filled with laughter,
with warm tortillas and beans,
with never ending hugs and kisses
will never be forgotten.
For the rest of time I will help you on the last legs of your journey.



This is a poem about my grandmother. We've been through a lot together and this poem solidifies that I will be there until the end.

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