Our Giver


Hear the crying of her soul,

as we smother her treasures,

the wonders to behold.


Feel her tremble beneath our feet,

as we tear down her gifts,

and she lies there in defeat.


Watch as she slowly dies,

as her children dance upon her riches,

only memories left of the time she was alive.


Our giver is slowly dying because we have forgotten,

that we are of Earth, we do not own her,

Yet we take what we please, and abuse our "power".

And as her forests fall and the oceans cease to rage,

we dare to ask the question fo why, by Earth, we are disgraced.


We whine like ignorant children who have no concept of gratefulness,

and expect her to continue, to forever provide for us.


She is begging, crying to simply hear thanks,

but we have overindulged adn have lost our true place.

She begs for mercy, screams for change,

and we sit here like stone, puzzled and enstranged.


So here I am writing on behalf of the soul of Earth,

she is longing to be freed and to be thanked for all she has birthed.

If something doesn't change my friends, I fear the end is near.

Unless her plea is heard, I fear she will disappear.


With this I speak for the sun and moon,

for the stars in the sky that, at night, light up my room.

I speak for the forests and the mountains on high,

for the oceans longing to rage once more, and the breezing passing by.


Let us save our mother Earth and remember she needs to thrive

Let us lift up her spirit on our shoulders and remind her what it is to be alive.

Set aside your selfish reasons, and your prideful thinking too,

take a day away from out human advancements, so you can remember what to do.

Help save this gift which has allowed our existence, our provider, our caretaker, out guardian,

Give thanks to all she has given and rejoice in her once again.



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