our education system is a joke



2016 i learned all the laws and roles in Australia, while i hear the white kids make jokes about Africa and the diseases there “do you have bola, cause you look like you have ebola” and hear the white boy say nigger but you see i didn’t really get the meaning back then .  a few years later I'm more educated on black history, my history ,the same white boy and all his friends still says nigger and makes races jokes but get mad when you call them racist because how can they be racist when they love Tyrone and his watermelons, at that moment i felt black, truly black . 2017 and 18 i learned about the industrial revolution and the roman times while i wondered why we haven’t learnt about my history, i mean we had learnt about your Hitler and ned kelly but no one seemed to know Harriet Tubman and rosa parks. i hated that we were only taught about white heroes but not black ones, it disgusted me and confused me, why wasn’t it important . 2019, you see not once have i been taught anything about black history in school , i had to do that research on my own , i know your french “Bonjour” , i know your laws , new prime minster every 4 years , but you don't know my history .most teachers can’t even tell me when slavery ended , 1867, by the way Mrs .  maybe if we talked about black history, chad and Stacey would know what nigger really meant and not dream to say it, maybe teachers would know more then Obama and Martin Luther, but hey im just a some black girl what do i know .

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Our world


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