On Our Earth

A world where there is a perfect you,

Is on our Earth,

On the soil you would step,

And the ground would beg to be touched once more,

The air would gladly circulate your lungs,

Even if it sometimes leaves me breathless,


To worship your own body as you would mine,

Butterfly kisses on each cheek,

You would tickle my senses with something new,

Something bold,

Like second nature.


Being strong,

Enough to love me,

To say we are worth our own,

To live a life and not take one away,

Separate yet together,


We yearn if we are apart,

But know not to worry,

Pinky swears and full toothed grins,

We know we are well,

We are safe.


Protect but do not possess,

Fight but do not berate,

As our Earth does,

With us at its core.


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