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I look forward to this day every year.

Feels right.

I am ready to go. I am on my way.


I arrive. There are a lot of people here.

This could ruin it this year.

Did not expect this but it's okay.

I am here for other reasons.


I walk in and don't know where to start.

Left or right? Doesn't matter.

We will find each other somehow.


I turn left.

Start to walk for a couple of minutes and begin to feel uneasy.

Last time, it was long before we found each other.

It's cool, we will find each other.


For a second there, I was speechless.

Always am.

I see her from far away.

I know its her.


There are a lot of people here. A lot.

It will take me sometime before I get to her but for this very second,

I am okay with it.

I look forward to this.


I can't take my eyes off her.

If she sees me, I am sure she is thinking the same way.

We are locked.


I like this dance.

Thoughts are floating in my head and our conversation has just begun.

I think one thing, she answers right back.

Just right.


I look forward to this dance.

I'm not a dancer by any means.

I don't like to dance when not in occasion but I will certainly dance with her;

She is an exception.


Back and forth.

Thoughts in my mind and things to say.

She knows exactly what to say and it leaves me speechless,

every time.


I finally make it to her.

I am shy, but I cant be.

Not now, not after the sea of people I just made it through to be with her.


She is wearing red. It's a gorgeous red.

Her reflections make the perfect jewelry.

A perfect fit and a perfect match.


Incredible attention to her details.

Just right.

This is why I come to find her every year.


I want to be a car designer;

just like the guy or gal who designed her,

envisioned her in his or her infinite dreams and worked, worked hard,

hours and hours on end to find her and have this same dance.


This job could change my life.


It will make my dreams come true. My designs.

They aren't  just for me. They are for you, too.

They will keep you safe.

Make you happy on your gloomy days,

inspire you,

motivate you,

and even take you where you want to go so that you can make your dreams come true, too.

I like this job because it is my dream job but with it I can also help you reach yours.




About the poet:

I am from Detroit, Michigan. I'm a Detroiter. I visit the Detroit International Auto Show every year to have this same “dance” every year. Every year I find “her”; the car design of my dreams. Cars are designed by people who are called car designers. They come from all over the world. It is my dream job. Car designers are challenged with making cars look great while also working to make sure they are safe, dependable, and reliable for consumers to buy. Cars can serve an infinite number of possibilities for people. This is what is exciting about the job; The fact that I can affect people in positive ways while also bringing my dream designs to life makes this a dream job.  

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