In Our Defense



What am I to you?


A basket you had woven with your own two hands, 

deemed unworthy and

spitefully cast aside,


Soon to be joined

by others of its kind?



Who am I to you?


A soldier of your noble crusade

willing to sacrifice

time, money


to feed your children

so they may live to join me in ranks?


What do I  know of Love?


Love has no meaning now.

Naked beings intertwined;

My love is


My love is unlike your love,

So my love,

is dying.




Are Dead.




I am


A sculpture,

carved by the wind,

made of the clay of 

him, her, they,

but mostly 




I am


A soldier of words,

Trained for no boundaries.

An eager explorer

ready to sail, soar, freefall,

To teach

The taste of freedom.


I know nothing of love.


Therefore, I know everything of love.

I worship its abundance,

its forms beyond my mind's measure.

Love is omnipotent.

My love is your love,

and our love 






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