Our Country


Let me be the one who makes the change

everythings the same no one notices their pain 

pain of others in third world countries 

we sit on our lazy ass and act like dummies 

the children are homeless and hungry 

why doesn't anyone open their eyes and help these countries

its up to me to be the one who makes the change

but how can little me help repair the damage 

too much pain in this world and we have the government to blame

open your eyes and see its not the same anymore

more blood more guts more gore

its like a bad horror movie that never ends 

our government invades other countries and that means more blood is to be shed 

let me be the change 

let me be the one who can lead 

the one who can teach the third world countries to read

let me be the one to show our government what its like to do a good deed 



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