Our Child Within

Both a child as well as man,

Both occupy a being just the same,

However only one of them will last,

To hold a title, to hold a name.


The little child so young and idle,

The wonders of the world yet to discover,

Doesn't’ know that there are some struggles,

That mark the path for many miles.


Years pass but yet so quick,

Time had passed in just a flick,

The little boy is now a man,

Who walks the earth in an equal stance.


From innocent to victim it has become,

It's time for the man to become so strong,

To face the dangers and those who wrong,

Every instance of a life so long.


No more is the little child there to play,

It has moved to elsewhere, no longer to stay,

Perhaps I meet him once again,

The tears of nostalgia I must abstain.


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