Our 13th Wedding Anniversary

Dedicated to my wife

It’s our 13th wedding anniversary and you’re my only love.
The many years we’ve been together feels like yesterday.
You’re still as sweet as you were the night I proposed to you.
I couldn’t conceal my excitement when you answered yes.
And at that moment I knew a bright future was in store for us.

I saw the proud look on your face as we stood before the audience.
You looked at me and smiled and then you said, “I do.”
I felt an incomparable joy the instant you became my wife.
When I found you, I found all I ever wanted, a partner for a lifetime.
Thank you, darling, for loving me in such a special way.

Though the years passed swiftly as the days, our love remains new.
It’s so good to be here to celebrate this day with you.
I still find pleasure and satisfaction in your presence, my dear.
Every day and every night you fill my heart with love.
It’s a wonderful experience to live with you, I couldn’t ask for more.

We have an unshakable love that can go any distance in time.
My limited life isn’t enough to satisfy you with my love,
But I look forward to one more day so I can love you.
I’m glad you’re still happy with me on our 13th wedding anniversary.
And I hope that our love will last for as long as we both live.


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