Other Side of the World

Being a father, being a husband, from the other side of the world; though I feel like I am in another world. The moon reminds me she is here with me. The shine flashes her love, keeping me safe as I sleep. Days get longer, go on forever. Things I took for granted, feed my surviving soul. I waited for three hours, just to feel her voice. Caressing me with her words. She said she took our son to school yesterday. He was shaking in his little white sneakers. Don't let me put my guard down. My dear, tell me there is a God, fighting above with armor and steal. This bounded world tells lies of hope. Forgive me, my love, my sins don't mend broken hearts. These bullets that heal, tear through smoke, steal futures, spill blood in the sand. What can a man do, my dear, what can a man do? I took a soldiers life today; a spitting image of myself. With a lover at home and a star to sail by, his lights burned out. Metal launched into his body. All we are, who we want to be, is stolen from us. Once our feet hit the battlefield, we become the fears from our childhood. It's a little bit funny, isn't it? Fighting for our lives. When all is said and done, when this world we call home crumbles. The light around us that pulls us from darkness; that fills us with warmth, is what we are willing to die for. On the other side of the world.


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