The Other Side


Looking in the mirror you'll see something that naturally I think is horific,

cheeks too wide, mouth too small, eyes although pretty in color are not big enough to stand out.

It's not just the appearance though, the view people have of me is that I'm sweet, smart, and just an all around happy person.

without my makeup on. hair done, and picked out clothes I am just an average person. Someone who wants to succeed in life but feels stuck, someone who is waiting for the adventure, someone who just needs to be theirself.

It is difficult pin pointing the good things in yourself when you know the other side, the dark side, the side that you shade from the world and put walls around so no one can help you fix it. The side you're embarassed to show afraid of how people would react to your true thoughts, feelings, and looks. Afraid that the world will shut you out. 

Then there's the truth; and I am indeed sweet and caring. I try my hardest to make my fake smile real. I try to florish in sucess but it's not who I am. I am a student, I am a friend, I am a daughter, I am a woman, I am so many things than just a pretty face you see on a screen, I am more than what meets the eye and I'm more than I show to be to others. 

I am my other half looking on the inside.

I am human, and that's the most beautiful thing I can be.


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