The Other Me

Meet the other me

He hides from the light of day

Waiting for his chance to come out

And keep me awake at night


He lives on my fears, and all my doubts 

Using them like a child with toys

I try to fight back when I've had enough

But it's too tough to fight alone


Meet the other me

Who misguides me whenever he can

He likes to make life more difficult 

By distracting me from the task at hand


He knows my every weakness 

Exploiting them when the time is right

For each mistake and bad choice I've made

He influenced me somehow, some way


Meet the other me

He holds me down, when I must proceed

And laughs when I slip and watches me fall

He wants me to think I'm not in control.


I constantly hide him 

So no one will see my darker half

The me who is lazy, indifferent, and scared

Too weak to conquer his demons inside


Say goodbye to the other me

His day of reckoning has finally come

No longer will I submit to his will

For it is me who lives my life


He shouldn't get to decide.


Old Soul

Thank you very much! That's a really good idea. I'll see what I can come up with. Well I don't write very often, but I really want to write more and improve. Thank you! It's nice to see a familiar face on here!

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