The Other Day I Cried

Maybe it was how the sunshine manage to peak through my 3 layers of  black curtains over the window


Or maybe it was how i drowned myself in my sleep while lying deep in my soaken pillow


Could it be the lack of oxygen getting to my brain


Or could it be staring at these plain white walls all day, everyday  that's driving me insane.


There’s a possibility that I’m lost underneath the piles of sheets, clothes, and comforters over my bed and I  seem to not be able to find my way back to the surface


Or is it possible that all the pills i'm poppin for pain isn't exactly helping me with the burden


I find it hard to get out of this bed that is now my grave


I find it hard to make a path outside of my room that is now my cave


The other day I cried and no one was there

The other day I cried and no one seem to care


The batteries died in the flashlight months ago and the last candle just burned out


I’m well charged up on fears and i’m burning bright on doubt


The rain is pouring down just like Noah said it would


The time hasn't healed any wounds just like they said it should


The tears are a steady flow and show no signs of slowing up at all


The only thing that numbs me is reaching the bottom of  these bottles of alcohol


The other day I cried in hope of a better forecast

The other day I cried in hope this too will pass

The other day I cried and I knew it would be my last


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