"Original Beauty"

Wed, 05/07/2014 - 15:59 -- ldeeks


When will we realize that love is the answer?

The lack of reality is growing faster.

Media telling women they have to be a certain size;

Images of “perfection” leave us desensitized

We forget that true beauty comes from our Maker,

Not a boyfriend, makeup, or a photo-shopped faker.

Never mind what people say about your scars or flaws.

Remember Christ’s hands when He died upon the cross.

He knew you even before you were born;

He thought of you when He left the veil torn.

You are worth more than the price on a tag.

Your value is the same whether in riches or rags.

The numbers on a scale don’t define who you are;

Your identity in Christ is what radiates far.



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Thank you for writing this poem..so many people take their religion for granted and I'm glad for someone else's perspective. Plz read my poems and give me your feedback

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