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Whats up with all this terrorism, racism, crime, and poverty?
It must be in result of all this sovereignty,
Or maybe because we've made this idea of reliability a novelty.
Do we expect everyone to just win the lottery?
This problem originates from a combination of all of these,
And its bigger than all of me.
We need to pull out the scriptures and the olive tree,
We can still find peace; this, I promise thee.
These wack things we call government and society should be the oddity.
All they want to do is trod on "we",
The opposite of what it says they promised me.
Are we truly free?
We keep giving power to the legislation, but I don't see any accreditation.
Where's the registration? There's no justification.
This just causes major scarification and mounting frustration.
But I'm gonna try my best to step in with some mitigation.
Okay, so we have this so called federation that was barely approved by ratification.
It's built on intimidation and the hope of imitation,
We say "Hey, lets just go along", No! Forget the acclimation,
We don't need recitation, what we need is a realization, a resuscitation
Wake up!
We're breaking this coma, no more vegetation.
It's like were being controlled by some far off station.
People say they've become enlightened or seen the light,
Yeah, illumination.. no, its just the Illuminati nation.
This society seems like its hiding a private institution that gives no restitution.
They keep hitting us; just another contusion,
This is what's getting in the way of our fusion.
It's like they're going more for seclusion; if you really look you'll spot it like a protrusion.
Now it's time for some retribution. Or is this all just one big illusion?
Are we even here? What do we hold dear? Who should we hold near? When will it all become clear?
Is the end near? I can't even believe anything I hear!
This is my biggest fear, I may even shed a tear.
But if we all come together now we may finally get to cheer.
Come on everyone....
Children, women, men, animals, blacks, whites, browns, greens, young, old, middle age, smart, Athletic, happy, weird, crazy, fun...
We divide ourselves into these different categories thinking we will thrive
But we need to remove these from our ways, together lets take a dive.
You see somebody else on the street, give em' five.
We're all just beings here trying to survive.
In reality there is nothing that separates us,
There is only one classification: We are alive!


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