Organic Chemistry

Let me introduce you to a world of chemistry,

A world where organic molecules react with C.

There's plenty of reactions, more than any poem can say,

But I'll try to make it simple, this creative way.

Two types of reactions are Sn1 and 2.

Elimination is another type to view.

Sometimes it's pretty easy to get the two confused,

But here's a tip or two to determine which to use:

3rd degree alkyl halides don’t react with Sn2,

But with bases like OH, E2 is what you’ll use.

And when the nucleophile or base is a bit weak,

An Sn1 and E1mix is the type you seek.

Let’s switch to alkyl halides that are 1st degree,

For when the nucleophile is strong, Sn2 is key.

Tert-butyl oxide is a strong and hindered base.

For all the steric hindrance, use E2 in this case.

For secondary halides, you can use any type.

But knowing the strength of your base is worth all the hype.

It may be a nucleophile, you must consider.

But either way, if it’s strong and not hindered,

Sn2 and E2 is the mix to deliver.

Another type of base results in a mixture,

It may be a nucleophile, or something weaker.

As long as the alkyl halide is secondary,

Sn1 and E1 are both methods to carry.

And finally, the case of a strong and hindered base,

For when you are in the 2nd degree case,

E2 is the only reaction that wins the race.

And thus, this final rhyme ends my poem to succeed,

In a class known only as organic chemistry.

I leave you with these tips on only one small topic.

There is so much to learn but I’m sure you will rock it!




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