Orange Light

Orange light seeps through slightly parted curtains
The room is dark but for a rail in the night
This bright yet dull orange light
That guides the way down a path
Yet creeps from behind
Stalking and waiting

The room, spacious and empty
Walls stalwart with weakness
And you can feel how the darkness within
Plunges the quarters into ink
Dying the pure innocent Heart
The color of sin

It is silent and unnatural
For the world is one populated place
Yet in here behind the barrier
Not even beyond these white paved walls
Not a soul can be found
Wandering this World

A car zooms by
A motorcycle following behind
A spark of life--
And then . . .
Silence once again
Can't you tell that Silence is Pain?

Deep breath
Gasp and shout out
That's all that is wanted
But every time that its tried
Nothing but silence through parted lips
Ever comes out

A task that shouldn't last
That of breathing and moving
All lives extinguish eventually
At the tick of a clock
Going tick tock tick tock
Until time is up

Deep under black covers
Curled up to knobby knees
A face peaked out meekly
Tears streaming down hollowed cheeks
Gazing at the orange light




This poem is about: 
Our world


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