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Most peoples realization that they aren't kids

Comes when they realize how old their favorite thing is

Or when they hit an important achievement

Or when a childhood favorite actor dies

Or they don't fit down the slide


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Or it's when they're talking with their art teacher and realizing in the event of an active shooter you would be the next oldest person in the room and how you can't let these kids be killed

Or it's when they're taking shelter with their dance class trying to muffle girls sobbing cause we're in an active hard lock down and someone came yanking on the door and there's no shelter in an open dance room

Or it's when you lie about your weight so that you can donate blood because you know that your local blood banks need pints of O blood to give to people who's only mistake was being at a music festival on October 1st


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Or it's when you look up self defense guides instead of planning outfits because you got your first paycheck and wanted to take your girlfriend on a date and there are people who would rather see you two dead than happy

Or it's when you shuffle a freshman into the center of your group at pride cause while you're only 120 lbs soaking wet she's only 100 lbs and there's protesters coming and you'd rather go home black and blue than let her be hurt

Or it's when you make sure that your friend has physical copies of your address cause you're the closest one to where he lives and if it ever gets out he'll be kicked out and you can't let him sleep on the streets


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Growing up was realizing there are people you need to protect

Growing up was realizing that you're more than willing to


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