The Oppressor

A Screaming Babe in her Mother's ams

A Blackend Claw slashes forth accompanied by a Roar

The Oppressor Towers above


A Toddler waddles away

A Shadow follows baring Fangs

The Oppressor Lurks behind


A Girl cowers in her Room

A Growling Beast Snarls in the Corner

The Oppressor Charges


 A Young Woman stands Tall

The Oppressor flees

The Redeemer is Near




I was a victim of child abuse physically and mentally; and i'm thankful that it stopped. My father was the huge Oppressor in my life and as a Young Woman, my father got uncomforatbly close to sexually abusing me before Christ intervened.

Anyone who can relate to my childhood, i'm sorry. You didn't desrve that treatment, but if you're still angry, like me (after 6 years), be wary of your thoughts and actions. The Oppressor leaves scars and unforetunetly may also leave his legacy which can manifest itself later if you're not on Guard.


My favorite part was the end. I found Christ, the Redeemer, at last and realized I don't have to be afraid nor do I have to fight alone or suffer the consequences of someone elses bad choices. I realize not everyone will find Christ, but I hope that those who have found solace in something else find peace... Like me.

And Christ wasn't the only one who was there for me. Whenever my mom wasn't at work, she was my Guardian Angel. She would take the brunt of my dad's wrath and protect me.

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