Oppression Ourselves

We can’t get along

Our country

The peace

Where’d it go

When did it stop

Was there ever a time where we could really say we had world peace

It all started with

The slander, the hate we exposed onto the native Americans

How we cursed their clean soil with our unclean tongues

Speaking words of Christianity, and a God they didn’t know

A god they didn’t care for

A God they couldn’t even believe in because why would this all so powerful man

Put the white men on a boat to take their land


Has man ever really known world peace

We say time and time again we strive for world peace but do we really

We repeat what our ancestors have done

We continue to take without giving back

We continue to take our lives for granted

Even though we live in such a wealthy nation

And we continue to throw hate to the next person

Just as a baseball they should catch

And continue to pass on


How did we end up in a country where we have

a pig as a president

An economic system that is continuously failing

A political party that wants to ban women from being able to choose what they want to do with their body

An education system that charges a fortune for knowledge

An ignorant idea that racism has ended

A healthcare system that doesn’t even help most Americans

Causing a bigger lower class than there’s ever been

A blind eye towards gender inequality

And a world where .5%  of our population

is homeless


Where is this going to end

How do we get ourselves out of the mess we made

How do we achieve world peace

If we can’t even achieve equality

Equality for




Our own damn people


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