Opposites Attract

Thu, 01/07/2016 - 09:51 -- Xai


Looking into the mirror

The reflection is that of self-realisation

A being who has strived

Challenges and trials some won others lost

A beautiful specimen built

Chiselled by constant nurturing

Moulded by a kind nature


Looking at you

The aura of your self-fulfilment exudes

Clarity in your convictions

Scars and smiles of pain and victory

A specimen built beautifully

Nurtured through discipline

And a nature built on kindness


Looking at life

Opposite that attracts

Protons and electrons

The basic fabric of existence

Destructive Interference

In the atom

When like meets the same


Looking at us

Same that attract

Neutrons and neutrons

The basic fabric of togetherness

Constructive interference

In Love

When I meet You


Looking at Love

Are we doomed?

As opposite attracts

And complement each other

Maybe we are saved

As I am Male and you Female

Opposites Attract

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Our world


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