The opposite

The opposite everything that I thought was real was fake I began to pour out more water than a lake I ask people to forgive me for my mistakes but ,that only makes them judge me they reach for things to be above me I never try falling because falling means failing . My life has twisted in a direction I never thought I would turn from a sore to a burn I have learned . I am a shadow to many but one day I will be a spotlight to most my skin began to disappear like a ghost Every moment has its memory,

but not every second has its minute .the pain still lives why the tears keep flowing and the smiles keep showing but the hurting continues growing I can't make promises  because they will eventually be broken and the truth will be spoken I want to let all of the negativity out the window and the positivity in the house I let people words get to my soul but I know that actions are what holds . The opposite has taken its position and the things I thought that would be the same was nothing but a mission . Many people have left my life but I thank God for those who have stayed because the ones who left were just people who played . Every human has a heart but not every brain is smart if more hearts were smart things would not fall apart . My mission is to discover and not be covered never question God everything has its purpose its a lesson within its self it's like going from poor to wealth . Colors change tone but somehow shades become unknown visions for futures are among the prisons nothing is seen beyond a cell the sun is more like a solar of hell . Walking the land on Earth smelling fresh air with the wind blowing. Drugs  are not the hospital they don't heal you they kill you . Life is hard its a maze you have to be brave why settle for less and live life in a cave work hard as if you are near your grave
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