Opened Eyes


United States
36° 4' 3.3744" N, 79° 45' 24.5196" W

Have you ever stopped to just watch time pass before you

On a quiet Summers day

Not many do

To busy with petty wants and needs

But if they were look close enough, a whole universe is uncovered

Just try it sometime

Sit down


And take a deep breath and let your senses envelope you

Like the philosophers of old

That strived to learn just the simple answer to Why

They surrendered to the experience

So you can to

Open your eyes

Not the way you normally do

But to open them to the world that you have not yet seen

Let the world sink in

Suddenly everything before you has its own path

Own life

That you have not, no could not see

Like the ant down below your feet

It was born

It lived its life

someday it will perish

And return unto the earth

Like all must

Most things will live out this life

And never be questioned

By the likes that never chose to open their eyes

Complaining of the mundaneness of life

When there are whole galaxies before their feet

That they will never understand

Because they never

Opened their


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