Open letter from an unapologetic tomboy

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 07:44 -- PALESA

I’m Sorry but not sorry.

As they planned to make me inglorious.

Yet, they always find me spirited and vigorous.

So unapologetic - as a tomboy.

Palesa ya lewatle- a beautiful flower.

Wise man, once said- “Knowledge is power…”

But it’s funny how our society use it infrequent.

Listen to them… Ah! They sound ignorant.

Still can’t differentiate between lesbian and a tomboy?

Still mistake personality decision with a sexual decision?

Self-education doesn’t need an authorization -People


Look at them- Feeding each other through my identity.

Why are they stressing about my personality?

Nywenywer-nywer, tjwetjwer-tjwer…

Gossiping- we know they’re naivety.

Oh! namby pamby- that’ infirmity.

I used to be angry, till I realize that they’re empty tins.

And I’ll end up making mistakes, coz I got unlawful genes-

Unfortunately, they took it personally.

And I can’t afford to be ordinary.

Msaka advised to- play the ball and leave the man.

It’s an Irresistible, tremendous inspiration- I can feel it burn.


Peace be unto you, I’m a child of God.

But the devil tried to lead me astray.

Devil is liar, God please pave the way.

My future hazes, I need a sway.

Society should just accept me for who I am.

They better acquire more knowledge and avoid criticism.

Because, Egocentricity is a cure to altruism.


Oh Lord! I’m tired of sharing other women’s men- Can I have my own.

I will repent and take righteous ways- I think I’ve grown.

Associated with wrong ones- Loyalty I’ve shown.

I’m still ingenuous, but their minds- I’ve blown.

Under the sheets- better be a freak.

Suck it hard- till the man plead.

Then I ride it firmly- I enjoy seeing him weak.

C’mon babe- just follow the lead.

Where’s my soul mate? He is a king

An intellectual guy- that will be everything.

Sorry my nigga, I don’t do weak man.

Remember, I was raised by four strong men

Maybe that’s the reason why, I’m a tomboy


I don’t make decisions through feelings and emotions.

I listen to my mind and intuition.

I got a good heart- but it’s my last consideration.

The girl in the mirror- that’s my only competition.

Working hard- trying to make better reflections.

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