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Open up my heart all you'll find is a black hole, so I jumped inside to see where it will go. Not so surprising I found out its very cold, so I searched for a button thats climate control. I opened up my mind and what I found was a maze, so I jumped inside and I wondered for days. So many thoughts; ideas; and a blank page, I wrote it all down and cant believe what i made, and with them stored up there I know that they wont fade. I opened up my eyes to find out I was blinded, I was blurred by a light seem to can't look behind it. So I close them shut and my dream world was ignited, everyone has there own so dont ask your not invited! I opened this poem and what I found was the truth, when I write stuff down I feel im in a sound proof booth. Let the ink tell it all when I feel a lil mute, I opened up alot so what did I open up in you?

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