Oooo She said Baldddd

Bald isn't a curse!

Hair seems to be the epitome of beauty

Keeping it kept up seems to be a woman's duty

Keep it long keep it thick

Edges laid edges slicked

Outside yea its brick

Hair wet so your sick

A little water its so quick

Hot combs and a perm

20 more minutes but it burns

They say its chemical cancer and black girls never learn

But we have a bigger concern

Damaged hair

Every female’s nightmare

But why not chop it off

Maybe because the beauty would be lost

Like duh

What are you without the locks

Without the gorgeous curls you won’t be anyone on the block

The just won’t know you and you won’t be recognized

But real eyes realize real lies

So, its ponytails with colorful hair ties

Then your older and start plying with hair dyes

So, your hair dries

And your hair dies

Cut it off now its a new cute do

But with these styles you're still not being you

You’re still styling it up

Forget a pretty penny you’re spending a gorgeous buck

All they have to say to you is mami good luck

Then you start to buy your new hair thats not yours

Hair long and silky, the kind that allures

The one where they take it from the people, so they can help the ones waiting for cures

But its just for the hair whores

Thoughts of blankness of absence and gone

But nothing could prepare me for what they saw

So small but so deadly took my life for a toss

Possibly chemo or medicine causing hair loss

Well I'll keep it all til that time come so ill be beautiful til then

But obviously there was something wrong within

Take it off. Take it from me.

Take the curtain that i thought caused my beauty

Take the one thing that gave me compliments

Take the one thing that i will soon resent

Show me who i am that it was always skin deep

That without the wool a sheep will always be a sheep

Without the hair amani is spelled the same never incomplete

Disregard all the nay sayers and cheats

Had to realize

You don’t need it to be beautiful

Had to prepare

by choice

by force

Don’t be scared to ask

Now it shaved. Yes, Im bald

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