only to please her

I remember when I first wrote a poem

I was bored and I need something to do

I started off with Red, White, Blue

The standard old poem

Which was cool for a seven year old


But as I grew older my hunger for knowledge did too

So I began to read and write more

Used less of the red, white, blue


I started dedicating the poems to my mother

She was the drive for all that all I wrote

She even encourage me to keep writing

‘Cuz at one point I just stopped  

And she asked,

“Baby why don’t you don’t write no more.

Your poems were the best and your very creative, baby you need to write some more.”


So from then on I wrote more and more

It was all about relationships and sometimes frustrations

When I was younger the only dream for me was to leave the house

I always felt bound

My mother would never let me leave the house   


I have to say the source of my poetry was my mother

My dear old mother


All my frustrations and my worries would stem from her

She wanted me on her hip

Lock her on her


I really appreciate her ‘cuz I learned a lot

She kept me out of trouble

But I was always in trouble with her


I lived in my mother purse

I continue to write ‘cuz I think it will please her


My mother is why I write

That’s right I only wanna please her


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