Only One without Trust


Only One without Trust

            Gray set sky

            Set like a die

            Gambled odds

            Upon the pods


            Each with stones

            Baring cones

            Named for one

            Close to none


            Let me say

            Over this day

            Choose your fate

            See the date


            One by one

            They will go

            Black and glow

            Put down


            Under my feet

            Waste your odds

            With that rod

            Tap on one


            Bang it’s done

            Who can say

            Without a wife

            You off all


            Uneasy to fall

            Wash the shores

            What’s in store

            Another pod


            Dead indoor

            No honor

            No vigor

            Only one without trust


            So why not bust

            Cause they’re all dust

            Because of you

            And what you do






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