Only numbers never a home

Mon, 07/25/2022 - 02:37 -- Cookay


Forced to leave your home

The home you knew as your own

Changes how you look at your new place

Never to truly call it your home


Homes aren't permanent to you

Always changing addresses

For different reasons

Work or school it doesn't matter


You never lay your head long enough

To leave your imprint on the pillow

Always a new set of keys

Strangers who you're never going to get close to


Because within a month or a week your gone

Never their long enough to make friends

You have seen more road than a semi-truck does

you've sampled the bulk of the fast food around the world


You only wish you had a place you called home

A place to raise a family with a backyard

Finally, a job within the city you didn't have to move to

This would be the life if only you had the chance


For now, you'll just have to continue to move

Travel the roads and highways

Till you find something more permanent

For now, you'll hold that in your memory as a dream


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