Only Hours

I’m so tired. I feel like fire

Am I wake or asleep? I feel like I’m in a little too deep.

Everything is dark, I feel like my heart, is going out of place.

Falling and falling, still here I am calling.

But no one’s there

What’s happening? Is this a king?

May be if I sing the father will bring, the meaning.

How long have I been here? It feels likes days and weeks but only hours.

So much confusion, it feels like an illusion!

I know someone is here, but there’s just so much fear to what I can’t see.

When will it end? I can’t comprehend what’s taking place

Face to face

I see you and I know everything is true.

It will be okay is what you always say.

Sounds fill the air, there is a glare, and I feel so bare.

Someone is coming, I hear a drumming

Someone is calling, yet I’m still falling

“Jessie a raise” then I open my eyes.

It’s my sister, waking me from a crazy dream, it seemed like days and weeks but only hours, maybe I should take a shower, to start the day

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