Only the good die young


Ever since i was small, all ive ever had a heart for was children. Sure im generally a chill person but there's always this thing with me when it comes to adults. I just see so much evilness in their eyes and it kills me to know adults have a chance at living. I know i sound bad and thats a horrible thing to say but thats what brings me to my life story, the thing that makes me who i am. 

All my life as a kid i've always had to be around people of age. I never hanged out with kids because well my mother never gave me the opportunity to partake in activities outside of school. Sure i used to bummed out about it but with time i grew, not to love it, but to hate it. I saw how these people interacted, i saw how they drank and smoked and talked about politics. Even the ones i sworned were nice, showed their true colors. I was so innocent. I wasnt thinking about sex or drugs or fashion. I thought about love, doing good in school, food and laughter. Which brings me to my conclusion of only the good dying young.

In my 16 years of life,  ive seen wars, violence, drug abuse, teen pregnancy, child abuse, depression, you name it and ive seen it, and it kills me. Kids, even babies, dying from diseases they couldnt control. These innocent little souls dying of cancer, fighting brain tumors, getting beaten by adults for the fun of it. And i start to think to myself what kind of world do we live in? Is humanity this selfish and ignorant?

I care about the people who cant care about themselves. Who cant control the situation theyve been presented with. I care about children. Children are the purest and thats why the saying "only the good die young" because everyone else grows up and starts to sin and do things like beat children and let them starve. I care for them because i know exactly how these kids feel and i want them to know they are not alone.

I care for the good that dies young...



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