This one's about life

I was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment

For a crime I am guilty of

But am yet to commit.


I couldn’t possibly ever testify against it

As to where it happened, or even worse; when.

But all I am sure of is that it was quick.


To this date, I am still in denial of my

Ability to think of such cruel thoughts

Because we as people avoid risks in life

So we can make it safely to death

And what I have done almost killed me.


It was possibly the darkest prison I have ever seen

And I have seen quite a few in my life time.

This one was different.

It felt permanent

As if I wasn’t going to get out anytime soon.



The beginning didn’t seem as dreadful,

And was somewhat bearable.

I was still getting used to it and at

The back of my mind there was hope that

All of this could just be a bad dream.


As days went by, I spend my time wishing I was dead

And finding myself awake at 3am thinking of

What I could have had done differently

Because at the end of the day,

 We all strive for happiness

And I have fallen into a hole so deep

I couldn’t even make out the surface.


And of course I could fake happiness,

But it came with a string attached

One which I had to put my head through.


Because of the state I was in

I got the life sentence.

The death penalty.

And no matter how frightening those words were to hear

Somehow they soothed me because I knew

That for once in my life

I will be free


I get a hold of a rope

Tie it in a noose knot

And without any doubt or hesitation

I put it around my neck.


My mind was so corrupted I couldn’t think

 Straight, and running away from all that evil

Seemed easier that facing it.


I hook the rope to the ceiling

And while standing on the edge of the chair

I slowly let go and start drifting away

While the tight rope around my neck starts

Depriving me from oxygen.


It wasn’t painful I can truthfully say

But rather relieving and calm


I was a prisoner in my own head

And after 10 years, I had let my demons win.



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