The One Who I Once Had


Why does the word “hurt” hurt her a lot?

Why do i feel her eyes staking my body when she hears the would "hurt"?

Why we’re her eyes on me for those long seconds?

Why does she hate me so much?

Did I hurt her that much? What have I really done?

Does she know that when she was hurt by my mothers’ bitter voice I was hurt?

What does she not ask me anything to why I may have done something wrong?

Why have we drifted away from each other?


 I want to ask her why?

 Why had she not came to me and heal the distance between me and her?

When will I gain her back but will I ever even gain her back?

Why does this hurt me every night bringing tears to my eyes that she hates me?

Why had she changed our relation to sisters?

Why did I share so much with her?

Why couldn’t I just find someone else?

Why had I meet her?

Where she says me to open up to her? Why can’t I?

Why has she distanced herself from me?

Did I really do something wrong?

Have I really turned my back away from her?

Why can I go back to the old times in the front yard holding her hand and playing ring-around-the-rosy?

When can we stand together next to each other not looking unusual?

When can we be together again?

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