The One Who Abandoned The Loving Rose

Dear Gardner,

Water swam along my leaves,

Rays of Sun like scorching flames shined on me,

You placed me by your favorite window,

You’d come along and enjoy my company once in awhile


But suddenly you moved on,

The room was empty and hundreds of ghost took upon,

Outside was filled with dark, stormy clouds,

Rushed, running rain came down


But the window blocked the rain from touching me.

                           As time went on I figured your love wasn’t coming back.

I drowned in an ocean of grief


Boom! Boom! Thunderstruck and broke the silence,

My feelings even worse than before.

My heart turned black,

It took over my body like a rotting apple.

Leaves fell off my rose branches,

Petals fell off my loving stem,

And soon I died down,

Withered away


I say Goodbye,

Goodbye my loving gardener,

Goodbye and goodbye,

From yours truly,

Your precious rose.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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