The one shot

The gun fires, teachers scream

Kids are falling

The alarm is sounding

One by one they all drop down, not wanting to be the one who gets found

A single shot 

A single life

Actually 39,773 lives since 2017

Our schools are now our threat

Our churches another

Our safe places gone

Our childhood’s lost

We have become generation lockdown

Instead of having the words safe and peace in their vocabulary a seven-year-old know has Lockdown and gun in it. That is not ok. And it never should be, they should not be robbed off their childhoods because some terrible person decides to do something that will affect their country.

People say that one person can’t make a difference, well I think that’s a lie because on february 14, one perosn made a difference in 17 people’s lives, he ended them, just like that. So if one person can change lives for the bad, imagine what 10 people can do for the good.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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