One Night in Brooklyn

One Night in Brooklyn

We sat side by side on the fire escape, arms snaked around each other’s waists. You lost a shoe. A dog kept barking in the yard below. We passed a joint back and forth. Your put your hand inside my jacket. I put my mouth on your mouth. I sat with my back to the kitchen, the narrow window framing my back, blocking you from view. From inside it must have looked as if I were kissing the air.

Carrie lent you a pair of flats. On the subway you and I held hands. The man across from us stared intently, figuring things out. I set my jaw as if to say, She’s my girlfriend. My girlfriend. It was cool out. I led you to your apartment, out of the elevator. In my memory we removed each other’s clothes without our lips ever coming apart.



I liked the whole poem but especialy the defiance in the personal thoughts when they were on the subway and a man was staring intently at them. good job


I love this poem because of the evokation of the senses: The sight from the kitchen;the sound of a barking dog; the smell and taste of of a joint; the touch of hands and lips. Thank you for your poem. 


You are a beautiful writer! 

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