One more time

here I am once again remembering our beautiful life,
I feel miss you with all my soul.
thanks to you I am so happy,
so glad because you teach me to stay in life
with so much faith and love.

In the light I could only see a kind of precious pearl,
and that beautiful light was God being with us.
It has been so long without physically having you,
without you,
wake up and see the reality,
i know that i wondered how to heal
the wound of your departure,
how to heal it but i remembered you were the only person that understand me in life,
who knew perfectly the reasons that made me feel good and bad,that knew my inner self,
who told me that everything will be okay in life,
because i deliverd my heart to God,
and he was the only one capable to heal my wounds of the immense pain of your departure.
I miss you so much that once
i thought this was a dream in which you had no left me.

But I looked into my,i opened my eyes
and I felt that never
and I felt that you never would have done
that you would have never gone and you will remain always with me.
whatever you ask God with faith he will give you that,ask,and make an eternal life,
no like the one of this world,
but rather the one up there waiting for you
beside who will love you without measure.


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